Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Projects in the Pipeline

In my world there are too many stories and not enough hours in the day to write them.  Those stories are bouncing around in my head, but that isn't the difficult part.  Getting them written down is the part I have trouble with.  Fortunately, I have several projects in the works that are at varied stages of completion.  Here is a breakdown.

The Piper's Song (95% complete):  This is book 2 in The Lost Labyrinth Series (otherwise known as the sequel to The Maze).  This one has been basically finished for a while now with the exception of editing/proofing.  Will there be a book 3?  Only time will tell!

Miracle Man (70% complete):  My coming-of-age story about a group of kids facing down an evil that has come to town promising miracles to any who will pledge their allegiances to it.   

Beware the Death Angel (30% complete):  This is the sequel to The Tears of Nero and part 2 of the Halo Group Series.  A small-time reporter is given 30 days to root out a town's hidden sin or watch his town face the wrath of the death angel from the Old Testament.

Iscariot Rising (outlined):  A serial killer who is convinced he was Judas Iscariot in a past life targets those he believes are the apostles of Christ.  Book 3 in The Halo Group Series.

Escape Room (short story-25% complete):  This one is based on an escape room that my fiance and I tried out for her birthday.

Midnight Prophecies (short story collection-90% complete):  A compilation of old short stories, reprinted from various sources.  Needs a good polish/edit and should be ready to go!

Sounds like my year is going to be a busy one!  Guess I better get back to writing!


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